zombie typesEdit

ok so here i am going to show you the zombie types of call of duty black ops.

STANDARD ZOMBIE: The standard zombies are the zombies that are there through all of the levels on call of duty black ops. In the firts 5 levels the zombies are know as "walkers" with the occasional "jogger" which is not as fast as a "sprinter" but not as slow as a "walker" , once you get past round 5 most of the zombies become" sprinters" it is possible to turn a standard zombie into a crawler you can do this by throwing a grenade into a group of zombies and it will blow they legs off a zombie or kill them.

HELL HOUNDS: The hell houndes usually appears on round 6 or 7 and after that they can appear at any level there is two types of hell hound the standard hell hound and the flame hound, the flame hound is covered in flames and is harder to kill than the normal hell hound.

CRAWLER: The crawlers do not look like any zombie it just looks like a mutant. The crawlers are the weakest of all the zombies types and can be easily killed with a headshot. When you kill a crawler it explodes ane leaves a cloud of nova 6 gas that blurs your vision and slows you down. They crawlers only show up when you turn on the power.